Lots of security for you and your family.

Safety in adventure tourism is fundamental!

We follow all adventure tourism safety standards

Security Management System

We have all the procedures described, care and emergency protocols. We carry out periodic inspection of our equipment according to the manufacturers' instructions. All revisions are recorded in documents. This procedure is mandatory for any adventure company according to ABNT ISO 21101. We have an auditor of this standard, certified by ABNT, in our team!

Choose companies that meet this standard, as it is MANDATORY.

Our Security Policy

GASPER VALE DOS VINHEDOS' main commitment is to provide quality and safe services to its customers. For this, the Adventure Tourism modalities offered, seek to adapt to current legislation and ABNT standards, referring to their products. Our policy is based on: security (risk management, continuous improvement, use and dissemination of good practices); legal (compliance with legislation) and welcoming (quality in service, hospitality and continuous qualification).

All adventure modes have

List with Risk Analysis and Risk Treatment
Control of use, maintenance and disposal of equipment

Applied Technical Standards

We have the following technical standards in place:

ABNT NBR 15285 – Drivers Personnel competence
ABNT NBR 15383 - Drivers of 4×4 vehicles - Personnel skills
ABNT NBR 16707 - Tourism with quadricycles and tricycles - Product requirements
ABNT NBR ISO 21101: Safety Management System
ABNT ISO 21103 - Information for participants
ABNT NBR 15508-1: Tree climbing parks – part 1: requirements for physical facilities
ABNT NBR 15508-2: Tree climbing parks – part 2: operating requirements.

Technical Standards and Legislation

The main standard is ABNT NBR ISO 21101 – Safety Management System. This is mandatory according to two laws:

Decree 7.381 of 12/02/2010.Art. 34.

Tourism agencies that sell adventure tourism services must:
I – to have tourism drivers in accordance with official technical standards, equipped with the necessary knowledge, in order to provide safety and comfort to customers;
II – have a Safety Management System implemented, in accordance with official technical standards;

Law 8078 of 09/11/1990 – Consumer Protection Code Art. 39. It is

The supplier of products or services is prohibited from, among other abusive practices:
VIII – place, on the consumer market, any product or service that does not comply with the standards issued by the competent official bodies or, if specific standards do not exist, by the Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas or another entity accredited by the National Council of Metrology, Standardization and Quality Industrial.